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If there’s one herbal supplement for weight loss that you should try, that would be garcinia cambogia. It has been used as an ancient treatment for digestive issues and Ayurveda as well.

Do you know the right way to take Garcinia cambogia? This herbal supplement is powerful and can work wonders when used properly.

With this, it’s important to know how to achieve a long term success for your weight loss goals.

How to Take Garcinia Cambogia

Right Way of Taking Garcinia Cambogia

  1. Improve your diet and exercise

Taking garcinia cambogia alone isn’t enough to lose extra pounds. You need to change your lifestyle, improve your diet and get active.  It doesn’t necessarily mean following a special diet.

All you need is to consume nutritious snacks and meals all through the day. You should also avoid processed foods, sweetened soft drinks and the likes in order to lose weight.

Getting active doesn’t necessarily mean exhausting yourself. You can start the routine with walking, swimming, hiking, playing golf or tennis and gardening.

  1. Limit intake of high fiber foods

To expect for best results while taking this weight loss supplement, you must avoid intake of certain foods. As much as possible, you should limit intake of high fiber foods within the time that your taking garcinia cambogia.

But, you can get your required daily fiber intake beyond the time scheduled of taking the supplement.

  1. Take minimal amount of sugary or fatty foods

Sugary or fatty foods can hinder the effect of garcinia cambogia. With this, you should be careful when dining out.

You should avoid sugary or fatty foods such as chips, cakes, bacon, chocolate and mayonnaise. Likewise, you should also limit intake of pasta, potatoes, breads and sauces.

  1. Learn and follow the correct dose

Studies suggest that the safe and recommended dose of Garcinia cambogia should not exceed to 2800 mg a day. Likewise, you should also know the right amount of HCA that you should take.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer and ask about the correct dose that you should take from your healthcare provider.

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage for Effective Weight Loss

You can find garcinia in either pill or tablet or capsule form. Generally, garcinia pill is recommended to be taken thrice a day and at least 500 mg each pill. Take it with a glass of water so that it can easily absorb into the bloodstream.

You can also consider liquid garcinia and the recommended dosage is 1 to 2 drops before meal. Drop the liquid garcinia under your tongue and let it stay there for a minute at least 30 minutes’ prior of taking your meal.

While you are taking garcinia cambogia, you should follow planned meals. Likewise, you should avoid drinks that can prevent fast and better absorption of the supplement into your body. This means that alcoholic and sugary drinks must be avoided.

Taking garcinia cambogia with the right dose and timing helps you to shed more weight. You should also include exercise while taking the supplement.