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When you are looking for quick ways to lose weight fad diets seem to be the most obvious options.
But will these ultra popular and highly marketed diets actually help you lose weight and keep it off?

Let’s examine typical characteristics of these plans and take a closer look at some of the popular fad diets out there.

After all, just because so and so celebrity is Tweeting about any of the current ‘popular’ ways to lose weight fast…

You should rely on your own instincts to determine if they are the ‘right’ diet plan for you, too.

fad diets

Trademarks of a Fad Diet

Many of the popular weight loss methods have similar characteristics. They often claim to work quickly, resulting in rapid weight loss of up to one pound per day. If sustained over a long period of time, this is not a healthy pace for losing weight. But as most people find out, fad diets are not easy to carry on over the long haul.

You might notice that a lot of the popular and trendy diet plans are exclusive – they tend to cut out entire food groups, such as the well known Atkins Diet which all but eliminated carbohydrates from your meal plan.

Other plans are based on strange combinations of foods, such as the Lemonade Diet that combines pure lemon juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper to create a flushing drink designed to purify the body.

This type of food group concentration is one of the reasons trendy diet plans cannot be sustained for long periods of time.

Another common characteristic of these popular diets is the need to use a particular supplement or product. The HCG diet is very much in vogue right now and requires the dieter to take regular supplements either via injection or orally.

If you have a sweet tooth at all, (and who doesn’t?) there is a fad-type diet tailored just for you!

What Are People Saying About These Quick Ways To Lose Weight?

We took a closer look at the Hollywood Juice Diet that so many of the sexy Hollywood celebrities use to lose 5 lbs overnight here. It may be just another fad diet, but the Hollywood Miracle Diet has some real potential when you are desperate to lose weight.

There is no doubt that many people have success with fad and popular diets that they see celebrities touting.

The HCG Diet is currently making rounds, but is it a safe weight loss plan?(1)

The Zone Diet was immensely popular due to widespread positive results. And the low cal or 1200-calories-a-day diet is designed to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs while cutting out unnecessary calories, resulting in weight loss.

You will likely discover that these plans are indeed quick ways to lose weight, but the trick will be whether you actually keep that weight off. Before starting a trendy or popular diet plan, consider your long term outlook.

Do They Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

Will you be able to maintain the eating habits as spelled out in the diet plan? Does your lifestyle support that kind of eating?

Many people fins that the Special K Diet (commonly referred to as the Special K Challenge) is a road to a healthier lifestyle, as well as being able to lose some extra weight.

Many of us are influenced by the magazines we see as we wait in line at the checkout stand, and it’s hard not to want to look like the celebrities that make the covers.

How do these celebrities stay so thin and fit anyway? Are they keeping diet secrets from the rest of us?

Or, as is more likely with so many that lose weight using popular fad-type diets, will you drop those unwanted pounds, only to promptly return to your old eating habits? Sustained weight loss is possible using these plans if you can make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

For instance, you will be eating plenty of vegetables and fruit while following a raw food diet. If you can continue to do so after stopping this diet the chances of gaining that weight back are much lower. Low calorie diets will allow you to maintain your weight, as long as you feel satisfied and full most days.

We have noticed that the 3-day diet is getting good reviews for dieters who want to know how to lose 10 lbs fast. See all about the 3 Day Diet Plan here.

In demand as quick ways to lose weight, popular fad diets can work when you keep your overall health in mind and change your lifestyle in positive ways.

Top 10 Fad Diets

What Are the Top 10 Fad Diets of Today?

Take a look at this list of fad diets, comprised of the current top 10 fad diets, and determine for yourself if the top ten fad diets are the best diet plans .. or the worst ever.

For quick and successful weight loss many people turn to one of the top 10 fad diets.

These plans may help you lose weight fast, but they could also be a passing trend that doesn’t deliver on the promises made.

How can you tell the difference? Examine each one on this list of fad diets and do more in depth research on the ones that interest you.

1 – HCG Diet

This is essentially a hormonal therapy that includes consuming an abnormally low amount of calories while taking an HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) supplement orally or through an injection.

Largely based on scientific research, this method is steadily climbing the list of top 10 fad diets with various celebrity endorsements.

The HCG Diet is currently one of the more trendy fad diets.

2 – Atkins Diet

Although not really a “fad diet” but still a favorite diet plan years after being introduced, the Atkins diet focuses mainly on lean proteins and virtually eliminates carbohydrates from your meal plans. The founder of this diet died due to health reasons, which has caused many to doubt the wisdom of his findings.

3 – Cabbage Soup Diet

A diet that eliminates all other foods besides cabbage soup (for breakfast, lunch and dinner), this method may work due to a low calorie intake. Most recommend this diet for a maximum stretch of seven days (3).

4 – Hollywood Cookie Diet

This simple to follow program replaces breakfast, lunch and snacks with a pre-packaged cookie. Big name Hollywood celebs have endorsed the product, which seems to follow a low calorie principle.

Sounds too yummy to be a real weight loss plan, though. This fad diet has actually been around for quite some time, and it makes its entrance and exit every year or so.

5 – the 3 Day Diet

One of the most aptly named on this list of top 10 fad diets, the 3 Day Diet stipulates that you eat a specific mix of different foods for three days.

These foods are supposed to create a chemical reaction in your body that results in weight loss. Dieters must wait two days before starting the regime again.

6 – Hollywood Diet

Not to be confused with the Hollywood Cookie diet (since it does not involve cookies), this plan lasts for two days and results in a large amount of weight loss, proportionally speaking.

Because you will only consume a special juice made with vitamins, nutrients, essential oils and antioxidants, this fad diet can reportedly result in a weight reduction of up to 10 pounds in only two days.

7 – Lemonade Diet

Originally used as a cleansing diet, this entry in the top 10 fad diets list involves drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It lasts a few weeks and claims to flush toxins from your system, as well as shedding the pounds.

8 – Grapefruit Diet

Another citrus-based method, the Grapefruit Diet is based on the idea that this food has special enzymes to promote fat burning. You eat large amounts of grapefruit, but can also have lean protein and plenty of water throughout the day.

You may have heard this diet referred to as the Atkins Grapefruit Diet, or perhaps the 12 Day Diet.

9 – Negative Calorie Diet

Try focusing on certain foods that reportedly contain so few calories you actually burn more while eating them. It’s a simple premise that would work; yet there is no scientific proof that the foods involved are actually negative calorie foods. In order to gain a better understanding of what negative calories are, take a look at this Wikipedia article on negative calories here.

10 – Raw Food Diet

This plan has vegan roots and involves eating only raw foods – uncooked and unprocessed. It can be a relatively healthy way to eat if you make sure your body is getting everything it needs in terms of nutrients.

Bottom line?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of fad diets, although it does cover the top 10 fad diets of today. As more methods are developed the list will change, but the goal is always the same – drop those unwanted pounds and be healthier.